William Hill Playtech Buyout Scares Gambling Competitors

Modern_City_BusinessWilliam Hill has long been a big player on the high street in the UK for Sports Betting or more in British slang as a Turf accountant but the recent Playtech buyout rumors are sending rival online casino`s into a spin.

Playtech is the leading provider of online casino software and power many of the major online casinos who are actually all competitors of William Hill.

For the purpose of this article i need to make it clear about William Hill and William Hill Online.
William Hill is a Turf Accountant or Bookmaker business based in Leeds UK.
William Hill Online is the Online Gambling part of William Hill based in Gibraltar.

William Hill Online own 29% of Playtech and apparently William Hill is trying to but the shares and more from their own company.

Any move on the part of shared and buying to do with Playtech scares the online casinos because they fear through the long standing profitable offline and online business William Hill and then William Hill Online have created they are in a position to buy out the entire Playtech Software provider which will make them the Kingpin and the ultimate big player in the Online Casino industry.

The current rumors are that William Hill has asked for a valuation of William Hill Online so they can buy out the Playtech stake in William Hill but until we get further information coming through there are lots of people guessing what will really happen.


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