Veil Of Uncertainty Not Lifting For Paddy Power

Poorer_PerformanceThe stock price of Paddy Power decreased on Thursday November 19th 2009. The company has had a bit of an up and down time of things recently and it has been difficult to identify a particular trend for the company over any significant time frame.

The volume of trading for the company has also been fairly weak and while this suggest a certain lack of interest from investors, the picture is not quite as simple as it might appear to be as there are many other factors at play here as well.

At the day’s start 24.85 is what the shares stood at and the share price was 23.97 at the conclusion of trading.

That price is 3.67% lower than the 24.85 on Wednesday November 18th and is all of 3.00% lower than the 24.69 on Tuesday November 17th.

During trading 23.84 was the lowest price for the shares and during another phase the strongest price for shares was 24.87.

The real volume of trades for the whole day was 16,969 and it’s also pertinent to point out that the volume over the course of the day on Wednesday settled at 37,842 and the volume on Tuesday settled at 19,618. This illustrates the type of volume that the company has been seeing over the longer period as well.