Vegas Runner Leaves

Vegas Runner, aka John Karalis and one of the bigger dirtbags in the pick selling industry, has moved on to greener pastures. Or rather, from one cesspool to another. He announced on Twitter yesterday that he is leaving to go to another pick-selling site.

“Though I’m a shareholder of Pregame and am grateful for so much the past eight years there, I officially sent my letter of resignation,” said Vegas Runner on Twitter.

R.J. Bell, owner of Pregame, is not happy. “His actions violate his written agreement with us. That powerful fact is why I was skeptical of all the talk even when he started acting sketchy. This is a matter the lawyers will sort out,” said Bell.

Bell gave Vegas Runner a platform for eight years, ignoring and dismissing Vegas Runner’s past history of scamming his customers. Now he claims he was victimized as well.

“I defended Vegas Runner from non-stop attacks regarding his honesty. The baggage from his past always follows him – but he convinced me at a personal level that he valued the transparency and customer-focus demands. For him to move in the opposite direction of that now – back to his old ways – makes me feel like no less than a fool,” Bell said.

Left unsaid was an apology to his customers for Bell’s stamp of approval on Vegas Runner. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of dollars went from’s customers to Bell’s pockets, thanks to VR. Bell knew all about VR’s sordid past, and had no problems overlooking such schemes as long he profited from them. His claim of victimhood is laughable. The real victims are’s customers.

Rest assured, will survive the loss of Vegas Runner. Broke gamblers with a gift for gab are a dime a dozen. R.J. Bell will find a couple needing food on the table, create an impressive resume for the new handicappers, and turn the rodents loose onto his community. That’s how it works in the world.