Up And Down End To A Mostly Down Week

City_Stock_TradingAfter a much livelier week in terms of the volume of business that was done in share in the online casino sector we had a somewhat mixed conclusion to trading at t he end of the week for many of the main operations in the sector.

The share price of William Hill took a hit on Friday October 30th 2009. At the day’s start the share price stood at 169.80 and the share valuation stood at 168.00 at the end of the day. That is all of 1.19 percent down on the Thursday October 29th price of 170.00 and is all of 0.5% up from 167.00 on Wednesday October 28th.

PartyGaming shares by contrast gained ground on Friday. The value of shares was standing at 224.20 at the day’s start and the share price of the company was 228.90 at the end of the trading period. That is all of -1.7% higher than the 224.90 on Thursday October 29th and is all of 2.44% lower than the Wednesday October 28th price of 234.50.

The share price of Cryptologic was another one that dipped on Friday. At the opening of business the price stood at 3.98 and by the end of the day 3.94 was the share price. That price is 1.26 percent lower than the 3.99 on Thursday October 29th and leaves the price -3.5% up on the Wednesday October 28th price of 3.80.

Over the course of the week we have seen quite a bit of fluctuation in the area and he end of week movement was very much reflective of these broader graphs that have been apparent in the sector for a while now.