UIGEA – The Biggest But Not The Only Story

Gavel_Of_JusticeThe story of UIGEA is such a large one for the online casino industry that it is quite easy to forget that it is not the only regulatory battle in town.

There is no doubt that the coming year will be a very interesting one for the online casino industry and that regulatory conditions will be a major component in this. While the ongoing saga of UIGEA and the possibility of its repeal will certainly be the largest story on t he regulatory front and rightly so, it’s also important to remember that it won’t be the only one.

Several European countries will be talking another look at their online gambling legislation in the coming year and we can hope for a greater harmonization across member states with EU directives and laws in the area with particular regard to competition.

Australia is another large country where the current ban is receiving a lot of attention and momentum seems to be growing towards the possibility of the introduction of a regulatory environment as well.

There are also many other countries where regulation is likely to get an overhaul in the coming year as well.

While the trials and tribulations of UIGEA will certainly be the main story in the the regulation area in the coming year it is important to remember that it’s not the only game in town.

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