UIGEA Is Not The Only Game In Town

Gavel_Of_JusticeOne of the main topics that keeps the minds of people in the online casino industry well exercised is online gambling ban in the United States.

Currently, we have a delay in the introduction of the full force of the ban and it might appear to some outside the industry that there is nothing else happening except the activity surrounding this.

For people directly concerned with the U.S. market this is mostly true but for the industry in a broader sense there is no shortage of other regulatory issues elsewhere to keep an eye on as well.

Several different European countries are having and creating headaches of their own in the area of online gambling regulation.

There are some that are trying to simply ignore the issue while others have attempted to introduce legislation that they feel would suit their domestic market only to find that what they attempting to do contravenes European Union regulations on competition.

The United States is the biggest single market for online gambling in the world but it also very important to remember that there are regulatory fires to be put out elsewhere as well.

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Thomas Derlan worked directly in the online casino industry for a number of years as an affiliate manager at a large online casino and writes about the global gambling industry for Rouletters.com