The Ugly Known as

It is never a pretty sight when one ventures into the world of handicapping. The RJ Bell collection of “professional” handicappers specialize in outdated methodology, irrelevant trends, and overall sports betting ineptitude. But they sound good doing it, and that’s what typically counts in the tout world.

The results at bear this out. We looked at the results of each handicapper on the handicapper’s page. It is ugly, even considering the amount of stale lines and bet fudging that typically occur with Pregame handicappers. Of the 22 handicappers monitored, only six showed a profit.

The results:

Spartan, down $1,800 despite hitting 50% of his plays. Sadly for Sparty, he kept giving out free play winners while his ‘best’ picks were losers. Spartan was 14-4 when giving out free plays. He was 36-46 on his 100-300 range picks.

Fezzik, a tout with a 15 year record of losing, did a little better than Spartan. He only lost $935 with a 45-49 record.

Dave Cokin, host of an excellent sports radio show on Las Vegas radio, lost $510. Listen to his show if you want to be entertained. Just don’t put your hard-earned money down based on his opinion.

Bryan Leonard cost his backers $630. He no longer is associated with, upset that his losing sports advice was occasionally sold at a discount on Pregame.

The list goes on.
Dave Essler, down $1,060.
Joe Gavazzi, down $480
Tony George, down $990
JR O’Donnell, -$1,225
King Creole, down $1,700
Rocky Atkinson, down -$1,548
Greg Shaker, -$250
Dwayne Bryant, -$1,590
Ken Thomson, -$100
Scott Spreitzer, down $9

To remind you, people are actually sending money to to get gambling advice from these handicappers.

There are six pros that have shown a profit on there page. Yet in the long-term, most of these pros still belong in the loser category.

Andy Iskoe was 54-43 on his most recent plays, good for a profit of $1,235. Over his last 600+ plays, however, Iskoe has lost $9,700.

Stephen Nover, up $1,400 over his most recent 100 plays, is down $6,400 since our tracking started (nearly 800 plays).

Teddy Covers was up $250 over his last 100 plays, despite a 49-51 record. Unlike Spartan, Covers was fortunate that his free plays were losers. His free play record during that period of time was two wins and six losses. Long-term results aren’t kind to Teddy, however. He is down $4,000 overall, with nearly 450 plays being tracked.

SleepyJ was a free play machine, giving away 49 of his 96 plays listed on his page. The free plays were a disaster; Sleepy was 17-32 over those 49 plays. A $100 bettor would be down over $1,800 had he blindly followed Sleepy’s free plays. His paid plays were better, pushing him into the positive territory. That’s only the short-term, though. Overall, Sleepy is a net loser selling plays on the site.

Only two handicappers have shown both short-term and long-term profits for, not counting cost of service. Andre Gomes and Goodfella get the honors. Given’s blatant use of stale and non-existent lines and shady bookkeeping, however, it is hard to take Games and Goodfella seriously. The Pregame stink covers all, even those two.