The NFL: Chip Kelly Talks Eagles Football


After a long run of success in Oregon, Chip Kelly now takes his coaching skills to the NFL as the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. In an interview with Angelo Cataldi of WIP in Philadelphia, Kelly describes his philosophy towards the game and what Eagles fans will see in 2013.

“I’ve always believed it is the quintessential team sport,” Kelly said. “There’s so many different players and you have to have so many different players. Unlike basketball, where you have one dominant player and kind surround him with four guys, you got a shot. In football, you got a 46-man roster; you need all 46 guys. It’s everybody moving in the right direction, and that part I love. The other thing I’ve always said, you get out of football exactly what you put into it. You can’t fake this sport. It’s a sport that you can have a kid that’s 5-foot-7, you can have someone that’s 6-foot-7, but if they put their time in and they’ve got a little bit of a skill set, they’re going to find something out of it.

“I want our players to operate, from a desire to excel, not a fear of failure. If you’re going to be a guy that’s afraid, that’s not how I live my life, that’s not how I’m going to be. I’ve heard that coming to Philly, ‘Oh my God, Chip, their fans have high expectations; that’s a tough place to win.’ Well, the people in Philly think the same way I think: They want to win and they don’t care. We want to take any challenge on; we want to play anybody. We got an unbelievable division — gotta go play the Giants twice, gotta go play the Cowboys twice, gotta go play the Redskins twice. You’ve got to embrace that. You’ve go to be excited about that, and this city is filled with people like that and I’m just happy to be here, but I’m always going to be a guy that’s going to go for it, because you can’t stand there with a bat on your shoulder and take a called third strike. We may miss, but we’re swinging. And we’re going to swing from our ankles.”

Kelly then discusses what he is looking for in a quarterback. “You have to be a great decision-maker. Our job as a coaching staff is to then put you in a position where you can do that,” he said. Some of the decisions may be all throw-decisions, if that’s where your strengths are. I’m not tied to one type of quarterback. If you have an opportunity to coach somebody — Tommy Brady — you tailor your offense to him. If you’ve got a Peyton Manning, you tailor your offense to Peyton Manning. If you’ve got a more athletic guy that has a chance to beat you with his feet, then you tailor your offense to him. The biggest thing in any quarterback has always been having a decision-maker and having a quick mind and being able to diagnose things at a very rapid rate and make sure the ball is getting in the hands of our playmakers.”

Still to be determined is the fate of Michael Vick, who is due a $3 million roster bonus if he is still with the Eagles on February 6th.