The Need To Keep Things In Perspective

City_Stock_TradingIt would seem that recession has hit everything to varying degrees. A while back we had the third quarter numbers from the publicly quoted online casino companies. As one would expect the numbers were down and with a few notable exceptions the markets reacted fairly negatively.

This is perfectly normal but what was perhaps overblown was some of the reaction within the industry to this occurrence. In the context of this very negative environment one fact that was perhaps overlooked is that while online casino numbers were down, they were not down in line with other sectors.

The industry as a whole performed far better than other sectors and it is important to put the performance in perspective. The depth and extent of this recession has meant that virtually no business has been able to escape the effects of it completely but in the context of business in general the online casino industry did actually perform fairly well.

Now we have a situation where there is the possibility of a repeal of UIGEA. The online gambling ban in the United States is the single biggest impediment to the growth of the industry and if it were to be removed it would open things up hugely in the coming year.

That said, even with the ban still in place the industry has done reasonably well over the last year and it is important to remember that.