The Mainstream And The Online Casino Industry

Balance_Of_JusticeFor people within the industry, the daily cut and thrust of what is happening with regulations in different jurisdictions or following company news can be all consuming.

When this kind of perspective is combined with the somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere created by the industry, it is easy to forget that in the greater scheme of things that online casino industry is still very much a niche concern in the greater scheme of things.

2010 looks as though it could be a very interesting year from a regulatory standpoint. The obvious focus here tends to be on what is currently happening in the United States and while the ongoing story there is definitely going to be one of the big stories of the new year, there are other regulatory conditions in other jurisdictions that will warrant serious consideration as well.

It is impossible to tell where things will go in the new year but it is vitally important for people within the industry to remember that the industry is far more than the sum of the parts that tend to be concentrated on and that the future of the industry will require it to grow in a more mainstream way beyond the current boundaries that are set out in most people’s thinking about it.