The Holidays And The Real Rush

Business_Deals_TechThe old refrain goes that ”’tis the season to be jolly” but for anyone in business it is more than likely the season to be busy and if you’re lucky, really busy!

For any business that is in any way connected with the Christmas season, the global economic downturn has put even more pressure than normal on the holiday numbers this year.

One can certainly see the competition for holiday business heating up in the online casino industry. Virtually all online casinos will be running some sort of Christmas promotions. These promotions generally tend to take on one of two forms.

The first is releasing new games that are specifically branded from the holiday season or re-releasing existing games with some form of Christmas branding added.

The other form that these promotions will take is larger than normal bonuses. The additional pressure to bring in new customers this year is unlikely to change the nature of either of these areas but we are already seeing that it will certainly have an effect on the scale.

This year everything will be that much bigger and we will just have to wait and see if the customers react accordingly.