The Big Players Have A Fairly Slow Start

Poorer_PerformanceIt was a slow start to the week for the online casino industry on the markets with a lot of major players experiencing dips in share prices on the back of a fairly lethargic market.

William Hill shares lost ground on Monday October 26th 2009. At the beginning of the day 176.80 was the valuation of the shares and at the closing bell the share price was 171.60. This price is 3.14 percent down from 177.00 on Friday October 23rd and leaves the price 2.85% lower than the Thursday October 22nd price of 176.50

PartyGaming also lost some ground on Monday. At the day’s beginning the share valuation stood at 244.20 and the price stood at 242.20 by the end of the day. That is all of 0.33% down from 243.00 on Friday October 23rd and this price is 1.98% down on the Thursday October 22nd price.

The share price of Cryptologic was another one to take a bit of a tumble. At the start of the day 4.27 was the valuation of the shares and 4.14 was the standing of the shares by the end of trading . This gives a price that’s 2.65% lower than the Friday October 23rd price of 4.25 and is 3.86% lower than the 4.30 on Thursday October 22nd

These examples are largely reflective of the trend that the opening day of the week’s trading brought to the wider online casino sector in general.