Survivor Pools…the NFL’s Version of March Madness

NFL survivor pools are simple. Pick one team each week to win, and don’t let it lose. And don’t pick that team again. You can’t choose a team more than once in the contest. Run the board, then collect your winnings at the end. Simple.

Survivor pools are the most popular NFL contests in the world today, in large part due to their simplicity. There are no point spreads to worry about, and not a lot of skill involved either. Like March Madness brackets, just survive and advance. Style points aren’t needed.

With the start of the NFL season just days away, promotions are at their peak for most sportsbooks., thought by many to be the premier bitcoin sportsbook operating in the world today, has taken a unique route to Survivor Pool mania. Rather than offering just one contest for all its players, Nitrogen is running a variety of contests at different price points.

For the thrifty, there is the free roll. Nitrogen is throwing one bitcoin into the prize pool and letting 900 customers (at this time of writing) fight it out.

The next step up, the Tadpole Pool, involves a .005 bitcoin entry fee. 341 contestants are currently in this pool, with Nitrogen guaranteeing at least a 1.7 BTC prize pool.

The Jellyfish Pool is the third contest offered by Nitrogen, with a 3.4 BTC guarantee. 68 entrees are in the Jellyfish Pool so far, with each contestant forking over .05 bitcoin entry fee.

There are four other prize pools offered by Nitrogen, ranging from .1 bitcoin (the Bass Pool) to a whopping 10 bitcoin entry (The Nitrogen Pool). All these contests have guaranteed prizes, without any commission or fees taken out of the prize pool.

General rules for the contests are listed below:

Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool
Welcome to the Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool! Be the last bettor standing by correctly picking the winner of one professional NFL football game each week. The catch? You may only pick each team once during the season.

The last bettor(s) remaining win the prize for their pool!

The rules are simple:

1) Join the pool by clicking ‘Join Pool’, and then ‘Confirm Join’
2) Each week, make your pick for a team who will win. If you’re picking a team that plays on Thursday or Saturday, you’ll have to submit the pick before the games begin. The final deadline to pick each week is Sunday at 17:00 UTC (1pm EST). First week picks close Sunday, September 11 @ 17:00 UTC.
3) Each week following, continue to pick another winning team from the teams left available – you’ll only be able to choose each team once
4) Be the last bettor standing, and win the pool!