Strongly Past The Post For William Hill

Numbers_Going_Up_GraphShares in William Hill saw a raise on Friday September 18th 2009 based on some very heavy trading in terms of volume as the real volume of trades at day’s end came in at 9.51 M. It has been a good week for the company with today’s trading being particularly strong.

Just to put the level of trading in it’s proper context, the number of trades throughout the day on Thursday finished up at 4.23 M and the number of trades on Wednesday finished up at 4.90 M

At the beginning of the day 186.90 was the valuation of the shares and 189.60 was the value of shares by the conclusion of business . This leaves the price 1.3% up on the Thursday September 17th price of 187.10 and is 1.9% up on the Wednesday September 16th price of 185.90

During the day 185.20 was the weakest price for shares while during another phase 191.10 was the highest price for the shares thus giving over the course of the day, from low to high a variance of 1.44 percent.

It will be interesting to see if this kind of positive action will continue for the company when the markets reopen after the weekend break.