Strong Few Days For 888 Holdings

Better_PerformanceThe share price of 888 Holdings PLC increased on Wednesday August 26th 2009. This follows a trend that we have been seeing in the shares since the start of the week.

The real volume of trades for the full day was 1.15 M which is broadly in line with the kind of level of interest that we have been seeing from investors towards the company.

The valuation of the shares was 90.00 at the day’s start and the valuation of the shares was 94.35 at the closing bell.

This leaves the price 3.7% higher than the 90.85 on Tuesday August 25th and is 5.6% up on the Monday August 24th price of 89.05.

Over the course of the day 90.00 was the lowest value of the shares while during another period the shares traded at a high of 94.35 thus generating over the course of the day, between low and high a window of 4.83%.

Also, it is worthy of mention that the volume at the end of the day on Tuesday came in at 1.57 M and the volume on Monday came in at 1.15 M

Whether this type of growth can be maintained remains to be seen but for now it has certainly been a good couple of days for the company.