Stations Casino’s Green Valley Ranch Sportsbook Playing Games with its Customers


Some Las Vegas sportsbooks are acting shady to avoid action on some games. One gambler at Roughing the Punter, a forum focusing on the sports betting scene, details the behavior at the Green Valley Ranch Sportsbook, affiliated with Stations Casino.

“There was a game a week or two ago where there was some news on Golden State Warriors and a female person bet them at -3 for $2,200/$2000,” the gambler said. However, ten minutes later, that ticket was voided. “The line steamed to 4.5 and some 5s. She stayed in the book and they found her after she had purchased the ticket and said they were voiding the whole ticket because it was a circled game and they weren’t allowed to give her more than $1,100 on it.”

After some discussion, Green Valley let her have a new ticket risking $1,100 to win $1000 at her originial -3 line. However, claims the bettor, “recall that this is 10 minutes after they put her money in the drawer AND this is after the line moved significantly. Had the line moved the other way would they have voided this ticket? Somehow doubt it.”

Another incident took place with Stations Casino two days ago. A man bet $500 on an NBA game and another $500 on the first half of that same game. He eventually repeated the same bets, risking in total $1100 for the game and $1100 for the first half.

His account then gets locked out. He is unable to log in and see his pending bets as well as his entire account history.

After the bet wins, the gambler goes to Green Valley sports book to find out what happened with his account. Green Valley says they cancelled the bets since he bet the same game twice. His bet was refunded, but he was out his winnings.

The bettor states, “It’s hard to say if this is localized to the Green Valley sportsbook or if it’s a Stations casino thing but they seem like they want the best of all worlds. They want the suckers. They want to bar the pros. But before barring the pros, they want to cheat them out of money at the last minute when they’re defenseless. Stations locks the account so only they have access to the records and they can manipulate them as they see fit and cancel bets as they see fit..

“Normally we would think Station Casinos would have more integrity than an illegal bookie, but it ain’t even close. Stations are common thieves without a hint of integrity.”

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