Some People Actually Like The Online Ban

Justice_Legal_CourtThere has been a lot of talk recently about the possibility of a lifting of the online gambling ban in the U.S.

Most of this talk has been of a very positive nature and for the most part much of the speculation is at least based on sound logic.

Barney Frank’s bill has been garnering support from some unusual sources due to the nature and scale of the global economic downturn.

Unfortunately, all of this positive talk seems to be overlooking one of the main reasons the ban was introduced in the first place.

The traditional casino industry has very powerful lobbyists working its behalf in Washington ans there is no doubt that they would have had a hand in pushing for the introduction of the 2006 ban.

The global economic downturn has hit the lad based casinos extremely hard. One of the main factors here is consumers are simply not traveling in t he same quantities at the moment. Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos have been hit very hard by this.

So while all the talk about a lifting of the ban is very positive and that very thing may well happen soon, it’s also important to remember that there are still powerful lobby groups out there that are effective and completely opposed to any opening up of online gambling.