Slow And Down End To The Week For The Sector

Modern_City_BusinessIt was a pretty negative week all round for the online casino industry on the markets as we saw steadily declining numbers across the whole sector for most of the week. To illustrate, here are some of the numbers for a sample of the main industry names for Friday September 25th 2009.

William Hill lost ground on Friday to the tune of 3.12%. The price was 187.50 at the opening of business and 182.30 is what the shares stood at by the closing bell.

This was based on a higher than average volume of 6.40 M where the volume upon conclusion of trading on Thursday had settled at 3.50 M and on Wednesday settled at 4.16 M.

Friday also saw a dip in the share price of Cryptologic. At the opening of trading 6.32 was the value of shares and 6.31 was the share valuation by the closing bell . That price is 1.26 percent down on the Thursday price of 6.39 and is 1.66% lower than the Wednesday when the shares had rallied somewhat from a slow start to the week.

One of the few better performing shares in the sector on Friday was PartyGaming. 265.20 was the standing of the shares at the start of the day and by the conclusion of business 267.60 was the share price . That is all of 0.9% higher than the 265.10 on Thursday but still 2.35% down from 273.90 on Wednesday based on a volume for the day of 348,638.

It has not been the easiest of weeks for the sector and hopefully when trading begins again on Monday, some healthier news will emerge.

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