Russian Roulette Death Claim Was Fake

Tech WatchThomas Rady from Florida  told police his buddy died during a drunken game of Russian roulette has confessed this was a lie.

Police say the Russian Roulette story was a cover up when a drunken binge ended in the death of Donnie McLendon 26 who died on Wednesday at the General Hospital in Tampa.

The police say that forensic and autopsy information pointed out that the story was flawed and all eyes suddenly pointed to Rady as the one that was holding the gun which accidentally went off.

It took till Thursday night for Rady to confess and he then turned himself i as the killer.

Russian Roulette has recently gained some interest again and there have been a spate of deaths including a 17 year old from Largo in Florida and a 35 year old man in San Berdardino, California who dies after shooting himself in the game with a group of friends.

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