Recession To Cause Clean Regulatory Environments?

Balance_Of_JusticeWhile the online casino industry has suffered from all manner of difficulties related related to online gambling bans in different jurisdictions, one of the things it has always had in its favor is the fact that for the most part online casinos are extremely profitable.

This has always been the case but it has not always been the defining feature of governmental attitudes towards the industry.

The global economic downturn has caused all sorts of problems with existing revenue streams for governments. One major side effect of this is that it has helped focus the minds of many politicians.

One of the things that these minds have become focused on is how lucrative the online casino industry can be and the fact that it could be heavily taxed at a time when other revenue streams can neither bear a heavier taxation burden or have dried up altogether.

This has certainly been one of the factors that has brought the subject of online gambling back to the top of the agenda in the United States and it also could very well prove to be the factor that causes other countries to eventually introduce fair regulatory environments as well.