Recession May Help Rather Than Hinder

Justice_Legal_CourtThe global economic downturn has created all sorts of new situations that would’ve previously been unthinkable.

Virtually all of the major international financial systems have been changed beyond recognition and there is no way that anybody could have foreseen the circumstances that have now become the new financial reality.

When the crisis originally hit it was thought that the possibility of an imminent repeal to the online Casino ban in the United States had gone out the window. As the full effects of the recession began to take hold more pressing financial matters were exercising the minds of the people in power in the United States.

It would now appear that the opposite of this turned out to be true. As these same people have been looking for solutions to the problem of falling revenues, the possibility of creating a regulatory environment for online casinos rather than the current ban is very much back on the agenda once more.

It would now seem that rather than damaging the possibility of an imminent review, the global economic downturn has actually created more momentum towards the creation of a regulatory environment and may in actual fact yet turn out to be the deciding factor that tips the scales in favor of removal of the ban in the short-term.