Real Time Live Dealers – Future Or Fad?

Business_Deals_TechDuring last year, one particular topic that got a lot of attention was the idea that the introduction of real time gaming and live dealers. Now as we approach the end of 2009, these developments have not materialized to the extent that most people thought they would.

What are the reasons behind this and why has this not happened? One of the first things that always needs to be kept in mind is that predictions about the future, even the short term future, have a habit of going terribly astray.

One of the main things that has also happened in the meantime is that online casinos have spent a lot of time and money developing better software that customers seem to be responding positively to.

There is one variable that the full effects have not been felt from yet. There is currently not enough penetration into the market from real-time gaming and live dealers so see if it is a really something  that customers are really interested in so next year could really tell the tale as to whether this a short term market trend or a real long term shift.