Prohibition – When Will They Ever Learn?

Justice_Legal_CourtHistory has a terrible habit of repeating itself. We have at this stage, a comprehensive list of examples from history that should show clearly how and why prohibition never works.

The history of the modern world is lettered with perfect examples of where the concept of prohibition intersects with the reality of human nature and the result invariably a disaster.

One a more specific note, we now have virtually all the countries that have instituted bans on online gambling in one form or another trying to back away from these bans or do away with them altogether.

Against this backdrop of abject failure it’s hard to see why countries keep trying to introduce unworkable online gambling bans.

Russia and Ukraine are two perfect examples of countries that are currently trying to implement recently introduced bans that are running into severe difficulties. The situation in both countries has been dogged by some of the classic problems.

Operators have found ways to run online gambling in the gray areas between what is explicitly laid out in the legislation, what is implied in the legislation and things that the legislators never thought to address at all.

This one of the classic problems and has never been addressed satisfactorily in any of the previous attempts in other countries.

Added to this, we then have the problem of people who forget about all of this and simply go about breaking the law.

These are some of the problems that exist and this is without even going anywhere near the subject of human behavior and desire.

It has seemed to be the case for some time now that the future of online gambling must be handled within a regulatory rather than a prohibition framework and these latest attempts at the latter simply serve to underline that point.

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