Price For Paddy Power Shares Continues To Drop

Numbers_Price_DropThe bank holiday break did not do any favors for Paddy Power as the stock price decreased on Tuesday September 1st 2009. This continues a trend that company had been experiencing before the break as it appears that the break has done little to allay he fears of investors.

The price stood at 19.05 at the opening of trading and the value of shares was standing at 18.90 at the conclusion of trading. That is all of 3.17% lower than the Friday and 2.96% down on the Thursday August 27th price of 19.46

The real world volume for the day’s trading period comes in at 10,335 but even though the volume was low the sentiment was negative and the share price suffered badly as a result.

Over the course of the day the highest price for the shares was 19.07 while at another time the lowest price for the shares was 18.18 this is a total of -0.7% variance from low to high over the course of the day.

Many analysts had suggested that the company was due to steady up but for now the slide in confidence and share price continues unabated.