Positive News From The Midweek Numbers

Better_PerformanceWednesday November 25th 2009 saw some nice positive movement across the online casino sector. As a whole, the sector experienced a nice positive set of midweek numbers with the majority of the major brands experiencing gains and the average certainly very positive.

Let’s take a look at some of the companies that exemplify this trend.

William Hill stock gained some ground on Wednesday. The share price was 186.20 at the opening of trading and by the closing bell the value of shares was standing at 186.00. This price is 1.02% higher than the 184.10 on Tuesday November 24th and leaves the price 0.26% lower than the Monday November 23rd price of 186.50

PartyGaming stock also gained some ground on Wednesday. 255.10 was the share price at the opening of business and the share valuation stood at 260.20 at the closing bell. This price is 1.88% up on the Tuesday November 24th price of 255.30 and is 1.03% higher than the Monday November 23rd price of 257.50.

The Cryptologic stock was another one where the price increased on Wednesday. At the beginning of the day 3.19 was the share valuation and at the conclusion of the day the price stood at 3.28. This leaves the price 1.82% higher than the Tuesday November 24th price of 3.22 and this price is 7.31% lower than the Monday price.

As is clearly demonstrated by these numbers, it was very positive midweek point for the sector and we hope hope to see a continuation of this trend and things move towards the weekend.