Poor End To The Week But No Real Surprises

City_NumbersToday saw a poor finish to the week for the online casino sector in general and for the most part, the larger names in the industry were the ones that had to shoulder the brunt of the negative sentiment from investors.

Stock in William Hill took a hit on Friday November 20th 2009. At the day’s start the price stood at 187.90 and at the end of the trading period the value of shares was 186.50. This leaves the price 0.05% lower than the 186.60 on Thursday November 19th and is 2.14% down on the Wednesday November 18th price of 190.50.

PartyGaming was another one that lost ground on Friday. At the opening of trading 258.80 was the standing of the shares and by the end of the day the value of shares was 251.00. This leaves the price 3.18% down from 259.00 on Thursday November 19th and is 4.78% lower than the Wednesday November 18th price of 263.00.

At the time of writing Cryptologic was down but holding relatively steady. While the Nasdaq is still open it would seem that the price for Cryptologic should hold at its current position as it has been hovering around the mark for the entire day’s trading.

Overall, it has been a bit of a troubled week for the sector and the end of week trading seemed to continue in very much a similar vein as what we have been experiencing in the sector from the rest of the week.

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Thomas Derlan worked directly in the online casino industry for a number of years as an affiliate manager at a large online casino and writes about the global gambling industry for Rouletters.com