Poor Early Week For Partygaming

Poorer_PerformancePartygaming lost some ground on Thursday August 27th 2009. When looking at the averages, there was a higher than normal level of activity on the shares but unfortunately for the company there was a lack of confidence from investors as the real world volume at the close of business was 824,193

At the opening of trading 268.00 is where the shares stood and 266.00 was the share price at the conclusion of trading.

This leaves the price 1.69 percent down from 270.50 on Wednesday August 26th and is all of 1.87% down on the Tuesday August 25th price of 271.00

Over the course of the day the lowest price for the shares was 263.90 while at another time the shares traded at a high of 272.95 this is a window of -0.7% from high to low over the course of the day’s trading . It is also pertinent to mention that the real world volume throughout the day on Wednesday finished on 650,682 and the real world volume on Tuesday finished on 549,836 .

These type of numbers do not spell out a serious problem for the company in the short term but the fact that today’s price was secured on the back of high activity is something that will be watched closely.