Payoneer Pre Paid Cards To Enter Gibraltar

Justice_Legal_CourtPayoneer has long been just with Choice Bank in Belize but news is coming through that they are soon to locate in Gibraltar and start offering card to Europeans from Gib instead of Belize.

Payoneer have hand picked a high quality group to head up the Gibraltar team including the world famous ex police officer Mark Taylor as Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

The Gibraltar financial regulator approved the move sometime around the middle of 2012 to smooth the free entry of the Payoneer move to the EU marketplace.

Payoneer will keep its Research and Development tea in Tel Aviv, Israel which is also the base for many of the Marketing departments of the Online Casino in Gibraltar.
It is a private company with Greylock Partners, Crossbar Capital and Carmel Ventures but is known more for their ability to swiftly process payments for Affiliates, Freelance workers and Paying Staff.