Out Of The Gate Strongly For 888

City_NumbersIt was a nice strong and steady start to the week for 888 Holdings PLC. The stock price increased on Monday September 28th 2009 even though the trading volume was relatively modest with he real volume of trades at the close of business finishing up at 525,323.

Just to put this in a proper perspective, the volume of shares trades over the course of the day on Friday was 595,285 and the volume of shares trades on Thursday was 1.42 M

92.75 is what the shares stood at at the opening of business and by the end of the day the valuation of the shares was 93.80. This price is 0.4% up on the Friday September 25th price of 93.35 and this price is 0.9% higher than the 92.90 from last Thursday.

During the day the shares hit a low of 92.75 and during another phase the high watermark for the shares was 95.68 thus giving 1.13% difference between low and high over the course of the day.

This was a good day for the company and particularly so when looked at though the prism of the general performance of the sector last week where basically all the major players suffered losses.