Online Slots Study Shows More Play For Fun Rather Than To Win

City_Stock_TradingA study by Oregon State University has shown that the majority of players that normally only choose the game of online slots do this for a hobby with very little interest in a big win.

Slots offline have normally been in bars for decades and people use the change from a drink to play on the slots so this does make sense.

These study’s are the foundation on what the online gambling market live or die by because they provide a rare insight into the minds of players which allow the casino marketing teams and retention teams to target accordingly.

Around 75% of offline casino revenue comes from the slots and in some cases known from online casinos the slots are what keep them in business but it seems rather then the high rollers they target they should be targeting the hobby players that don’t care about making up losses.

Slot players typically fall into four groups: bored people looking for something to do, players seeking a buzz, people who want to have fun and people looking to relieve stress. The last group, the “relaxation gamblers,” tends to be the most educated and affluent. Those players make up the majority of gamblers in the United States, according to surveys by slot manufacturers.

As for specific games, almost three-quarters of progressive players said their favorite game is “Wheel of Fortune.” “Jacks or Better” was by far the most popular video poker game

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