Online Casinos – The Old Standards Do Not Work


As many countries have discovered over the last few years, enforcing domestic and national laws as they pertain to matters of the Internet is extremely difficult and some would suggest impossible.

More specifically, the area of online casino legislation illustrates this particular problem perfectly. Governments have always liked to control all forms of gambling. The combination of the immense profitability and potential for social harm if left unregulated means that the traditional approach to this area has been one of prohibition and heavy regulation.

The core of the difficulty is that with the dawn of the Internet, governments have attempted to adopt their traditional approach online as well. The border-less element of the Internet and the differing laws in different countries has created all sorts of difficulties.

Ultimately, the only long lasting solution is a set of international laws and regulations that govern online gambling but we may be waiting for some time for those as individual states continue to grapple with trying to impose old standards to a new medium.

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