Online Casino Industry in Gibraltar Hit By Spanish Border Problems

Justice_Legal_CourtThe long time dispute between who is entitled to Gibraltar is now starting to take an effect on the Online Casinos whom operate out of Gibraltar.

For many years there has been a dispute between the ownership of Gibraltar that lies on the Iberian coast connected to Spain by a small passage of land which resulted in a complete closure of the border a few decades ago.

Spain is in crisis at the moment though a combination of mass corruption from the top down, general laziness of the Spanish population and the recent collapse of the boom fed real estate industry so they are trying to steal it back from the UK.

Spain keeps very quiet about the two outposts they have in Ceuta and Melilla on the North African coast but are very vocal in making a point that they should have Gibraltar back from the UK.

If Spain could take back Gibraltar from the English it could solve a lot of problems in helping restart the Spanish economy for a while, before Gibraltar was made financially bankrupt in same way Spain is.

Delays of up to 7 hours at the border are happening, such as today when I went to Morrisons to buy some pies and cake at midday but was held up by a large border que round the rock due to the passport control and customs going on a go slow.

Editors note: How you can tell when the Spanish are on a go slow just baffles me.

An Online Casino employee (who wishes to remain anonymous) who works in Gibraltar but resides in Spain told Rouletters ` Yeah its a pain in the butt and its really starting to affect things`.

There is drinking water available from a water bowser at the border crossing and there are medics on hand to help deal with the problems caused by the Spanish bullying, with people coming round to check on the cars while they hand out propaganda leaflets.