Online Casino Christmas And The New Year

Online Gambling ReviewAs we reported here a while back the Christmas season is a big one for the online casino industry.

One can generally expect to see new seasonally branded games released as well as re-branding of existing games and on top of all this it is a big season for extra bonuses on top of the already large ones that the casinos normally give anyway.

This year has not disappointed so far with the branded games and big bonuses coming from all directions.

The global economic downturn has hit the inline casino industry. It is normal under these types of circumstances for companies to become more aggressive in their marketing tactics.

The online casino industry has not disappointed in this regard as the combination of the global economic downturn and the holiday season has served to deliver a very loud and lively marketing season from the industry.

What will be interesting to see is how much of this heavier marketing might be retained in the new year to continue to combat the recession.