Not A Rollercoaster But Up And Down For Partygaming

World_MarketsPartygaming shares went up on Wednesday September 2nd 2009. The company has had a bit of a bumpy ride in recent times and today saw the shares make some significant gains again.

The real volume of trades at day’s end came in at 331,950 which is within what would be considered to be a normal operating range for the company.

At the opening of business the share price of the company was 245.30 and the share valuation stood at 250.00 at the close of business.

This leaves the price 2.1% higher than the 244.60 on Tuesday September 1st and is 2.52% down on the Friday August 28th price of 256.30

During the day’s trading the highest price for the shares was 251.10 while during another period 234.7669 was the weakest price for shares thus giving during the day’s trading, between high and low a total of 1.91% variance . Also, it is worthy of mention that the real world volume at day’s end on Tuesday finished at 563,648 and on Friday it finished at 352,735

Investors in the market have had a few mixed feelings about Partygaming recently so we will have to see whether this turns out ot be more of the same or the start of some sustained growth.