New Tax In Bulgaria Could Cost Jobs

Balance_Of_JusticeThere is no doubt the traditional casino industry has been suffering very badly at the hands of the global economic downturn.

Bulgaria is one of the countries in which the traditional casino industry has suffered the most recent times due to the recession.

The falloff in business is very much in line with other types of business that involve the travel and accommodation of patrons and the fact that the industry relies to a large degree external visitors for their patronage is hitting the Bulgarian casino industry even harder than most.

Now, the Bulgarian government is going to multiply the difficulties for the industry by raising taxation levels on revenue.

Lobbyists for the casino industry have reports to suggest that any change in the rate of taxation at this time would cause the loss of a serious number of jobs.

This situation illustrates that even in the current regulated environments that the shift from traditional to online casinos is not being fully understood at a governmental and legislative level.