Nevada South Point Online Poker Licensing Delayed

Justice_Legal_CourtIn the run up to the end of the year when it is hoped the first us facing online poker sites will get a clean bill of health for licensing, there have been a few setbacks in Nevada.

South Point Poker had planned for its real money online poker launching this coming week, buy a setback has hit them and a delay with the tests to see if they will be suitable for licensing could push the Nevada Online Poker launch back as far as December.

Very rigorous testing is in progress and is taking a lot longer than was expected because of slow communication issues with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

For quite some time the South Point Poker team have been running free to play tables for USA located players which has enabled them to build up a years worth of data and a large database of players.

The setback is not ideal but with the way the USA banned online poker and online casino a few years ago, the online poker and online casino company’s are prepared for a few delays.

Due to players logging on and expecting to be able to play online poker for real money in Nevada it is reported that just for the short time it takes to get the licensing, the free play version of the online poker site has been closed down.