Mixed End To The Week For Online Casinos

City_Stock_TradingIt was a a somewhat mixed end to the week’s trading for the main players in the online casino industry which was very much in spirit with the type of trading we had been seeing during the course of the week

William Hill finished the week with a lift 187.70 was the valuation of the shares at the day’s beginning on Friday and the price stood at 191.80 at the conclusion of trading. That is all of 1.35% higher than the 189.20 on Thursday and is 3.54% higher than Wednesday.

Friday, on the other hand saw a decrease in the share price of PartyGaming. The share price was 256.70 at the day’s beginning and the valuation of the shares was 256.80 at the conclusion of trading. This gives a price that’s 1.24% lower than the Thursday and leaves the price 0.73% lower than the Wednesday December 2nd price of 258.70

Cryptologic also lost some ground on Friday. At the opening of business 3.33 was the standing of the shares and at the end of the trading period the share price of the company was 3.25. This price is 2.76% down on the Thursday and is 6.15% down on the Wednesday.

The numbers at closing yesterday do broadly reflect performance across the sector for the week where individual factors relating to individual companies were driving trade rather than general industry sentiment.

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