Midweek Numbers Not All That Encouraging

City_Trading_Business_NumbersThe midweek point shows us that it has been a fairly mixed week for online casino related stocks so far this week.

The share price of William Hill decreased on Wednesday. The value of shares was 178.10 at the start of the day and by the conclusion of business the value of shares was 176.30. This leaves the price 0.79% down from 177.70 on Tuesday and this price is 2.04% lower than the 179.90 on Monday.

This type of business was conducted on the back of average volume with the real world volume throughout the day coming in at 4.00 M whereas it had been  5.82 M on Monday and  3.06 M on Tuesday.

The PartyGaming stock price on the other hand increased on Wednesday. 270.30 is where the shares stood at the day’s start and at the close of business the share valuation stood at 271.00. That is all of 1.6% higher than the 266.60 on Tuesday September 29th and is 1.6% higher than the 266.60 on Monday September 28th

But to give a broader perspective, Cryptologic stock also dipped. The price stood at 6.07 at the beginning of the day and at the conclusion of the day 5.901 was the share price. That is 2.86 percent lower than the 6.07  from yesterday and a full 3.71% down on the the previous day’s trading.

While the numbers across the board have been quite negative in recent time, they have not been so to such an extent as to send anyone into any kind of panic at this stage.