Markets Remain Cautious Despite Ban Delay

Business_Deals_TechWhile all the talk over the weekend was about the 6 month delay in the enforcement of the 2006 online gambling ban in the U.S., the markets did not react in any particularly strong fashion to the news when they opened today.

Most of the major brand names within the online casino industry had a day today that would be considered to be within the normal parameters of what could be expected.

Investors appear to have taken the view that the delay is not really that huge of an event and seem to be prepared to wait to see what this moratorium actually goes on to produce in more concrete terms.

This attitude is in marked contrast to the prevailing one within the online casino industry where the delay was greeted with a far more exuberant fanfare.

The more circumspect attitude of the markets towards this subject is perhaps the correct one as nothing much has actually happened here. A space has simply been provided that may allow something positive to happen.

While it is undoubtedly positive news, we will actually have to wait to see what comes from it.