March Madness Gambling:, A Good Option for Sports Bettors

The NCAA tournament is just around the corner, and with the Madness comes the gambling and the brackets. March Madness is Madness only because of the brackets and gambling. Without the brackets, obscure games involving mediocre college basketball teams would have as much interest as MLB spring training games currently taking place. Throw a point spread or bracket into the mix, however, and you’ll see millions of Americans skipping work to watch schools like Kansas State facing off against the likes of Butler or Creighton.

Sportsbooks that focus on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in prime position to take advantage of these spot bettors. The ease and simplicity of sending bitcoin to fund your wagers are what sets bitcoin sportsbooks apart from other typical internet sportsbooks.

One prime example is Jetwin, one of the oldest crypto-currency casinos in the world, opened its doors as a bitcoin sportsbook in 2013. It has expanded its offerings to a live casino as well as slots. Live dealer games include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and casino hold ‘em. The casino slots games, provided by Endorphina, is also provably fair, meaning players can actually verify that the games offered are on the up and up. With its casino games, Jetwin offers players the options of playing in traditional currencies like the Euro or US dollar

Jetwin has added other cryptocurrencies to its Cashier page. Litecoin, commonly referred to as “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”, offers a fast and cheap way to fund an account. Dash coin, focused on providing its users higher degrees of privacy than bitcoin, is also accepted by Jetwin. Deposits in Litecoin and Dash are converted to bitcoin by Jetwin. Gamblers make all wagers in bitcoin.

A wide range of sports are available for pregame wagering for sports gamblers. Even better is Jetwin’s live betting. From Swiss hockey to women’s soccer, Jetwin has a tremendous number of games where a bettor can make in-game wagers at competitive prices. No other btc book offers as many in-play matches as Jetwin, they report.

Players who worry about anonymity have also found a home at Jetwin. There is no “Know Your Customer” procedure to deal with. While this also means sign-up bonuses are non-existent, Jetwin has come out with an alternative promotion designed to reward its bettors with free bets.

$ 50 FreeBet every day

Place as many single or multi bets as you like, each bet with total odds of 2.50 (US +150) or higher, and get a FreeBet up to $ 50 every day!

The more you bet, the higher the FreeBet you get!

We’re crediting FreeBets at the end of every day. Each daily round starts at 08:00 UTC and ends 24 hours later at 07:59 UTC. All qualifying bets settled within the respective time period will count towards the daily round. See the table below to see what prizes you can win.


$ 10 – $ 19.99* $ 1 FreeBet
$ 20 – $ 29.99* $ 2 FreeBet
$ 30 – $ 49.99* $ 3 FreeBet
$ 50 – $ 99.99* $ 5 FreeBet
$ 100 – $ 149.99* $ 10 FreeBet
$ 150 – $ 199.99* $ 15 FreeBet
$ 200 – $ 499.99* $ 20 FreeBet
$ 500 or more* $ 50 FreeBet
*or currency equivalent

FreeBets are credited to customers automatically after the end of each respective daily round.
Example: You place two bets, each with odds of US +150 or higher and a stake of $ 10. In total you’ve placed qualifying bets with a total stake of $ 20. Both bets are settled within the same daily round (08:00 – 07:59 UTC) and at the end of this round you’ll get a $ 2 FreeBet.