Legal Trends Continue To Look Promising

Balance_Of_JusticeQuite a lot of the news that has been happening in the online casino industry lately has been focused on the area of legislation and regulation.

This is not unusual in the regard that the industry is very dependent on the regulatory conditions in different markets. What is unusual is the softer line being taken by many previously very hostile governments and administrations towards the whole area.

The public finances of many different countries all over the world are in serious difficulty due to the global economic downturn. Most have already tried raising additional income for raising taxation rates and have arrived at the point where any additional tax hikes would actually have a negative effect on returns.

Many are now looking for other things which can be taxed to raise much needed revenue. For most governments, the options in this regard are very thin on the ground. The online casino industry, with it’s high potential for profit has come back on  the radar in a big way as a direct result of this.

The other thing that is helping is the fact that many of these governments have already tried the prohibition route and been largely unsuccessful with this approach.

Regulation rather than prohibition is the obvious way forward and the major companies in the industry are gearing up to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.