Lawyers Like The French Market No Matter What


Where there is money to be made, the lawyers are usually not far behind and the pending arrival of new French legislation to regulate their domestic online gambling market is turning into a real bonanza for the lawyers.

Firstly, Casino De France, the representative body of the traditional casino industry has a couple of cases awaiting judgment which they have undertaken against online casinos that they claim have already been operating in the French domestic market without proper licensing. They also have a number of other cases in the works that have not arrived at this advanced stage yet.

Secondly, there are a number of problems with the draft French legislation from a European Union competition law perspective. The French Government is currently trying to work with the EU to iron out these problems.

And finally, no matter what the final legislation contains it is almost inevitable that there will be some further legal challenges because of all the competing concerns that the new laws will be trying to address.

It would appear that the online casino industry in France is going to be very profitable as expected but probably for the lawyers long before the operators.