Jail Time for Card Counters at Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods Casino
Foxwoods Casino

Young Su Gy and Wokyung Kim traveled all the way from South Korea to play Macao-style-midi-Baccarat but they decided to stack the deck to give them the upper hand.

Many times last Autumn, Young Su Gy used a holdout device concealed in their sleeves so they could change the cards for their own and get an advantage.

A holdout device is something that can be used to very quickly and invisibly switch the cards or hold the cards to hide them which of course gives you an advantage over the house.

Kim was the lookout and distraction to Foxwoods Casino staff and helped shield Young Su Guy`s actions from other players at the tables or watching the players from behind.

The South Korean duo wagered and won many hundreds of thousands of dollars using deceptive ways to cheat the casino.
The pair confessed to cheating the casino of up-to $1million and they got one year in jail with a three years probation but they also had to pay back over $800`000 of their ill gotten gains.

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