Is Perpective Needed On UIGEA Delay?

Justice_Legal_CourtThe industry as a whole is so keen to get back into The United States market. The goal itself seems to have become such a focus that some people within the industry seem to have lost sight of the reality of the situation.

A repeal of the UIGEA and the introduction of a regulatory environment for the industry in the US will certainly be a good thing on the whole but may not turn out to be the bonanza that some people are hoping for.

At the end of this process, the cost of doing business in the US could turn out to be very expensive. Quite a bit of the support for a version of Barney Frank’s bill is not based on a desire to offer US citizens a choice.

Much of it is based on the fact that online casinos can generate a lot of money for state and federal authorities and this combined with the fact that the industry will accept nearly anything to get back into the market has created a situation where greed on the part of the politicians will play a part.

The financial mood may have changed but the disdain that many politicians still hold towards online casinos is still there just beneath the surface.

All in all the current direction of things is a healthy one but perspective on the situation is also needed.