Hurricane Sandy Causing Mass Evacuation

Technology SecurityHurricane Sandy has caused mass devastation and those that refused to evacuate when the advice came are now calling for emergency help.

New Jersey saw Hurricane Sandy hit land 24 minutes ago and the area is under a great amount of strain as the emergency services struggle to keep up with the call outs.

As the furious hurricane hit the area it washed away a large section of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City and put the presidential campaign into pause while they deal with the fallout.
Wall street was crippled and the Subway system in New York was crippled by a large deluge of water flowing in from the sea.

A New York State official told Rouletters “We are moving towards the hour when it will be impossible to evacuate”

Weather forecasters and given serious advice that large waves as big as six metres could be bashing into the Chicago lakefront  and over a metre of snow in West Virginia.