How Touts at Beat the Line Move

Las Vegas is a 24/7 type of town. Las Vegas sports books are not, however. Most of them close early. The Palms, for example, closes at 9:00 on weekdays and 10:00 on weekends (non football season).

While that is a pity for Las Vegas sports bettors, it is a godsend for touts. While the sports books might close down for the night, their lines at closing time don’t.

Overnight line moves, common in the fast-moving college basketball world, don’t come into play at Vegas sports books. The line manager comes into work on Wednesday morning, takes a look at the current lines, and adjusts his old numbers to come into line with the rest of the world. A -5 Duke line at closing time in Las Vegas that was bet hard overnight might become a -7 Duke when the Cantor sportsbooks opens back up in the morning.

Touts take advantage of these dead lines by sending out overnight picks using the pointspreads offered by these closed books. The Sports Options and Don Best screens still show Duke -5 at the Westgate and Cantor books, so that’s what they give out.

A prime example of this is at, a company that uses every trick in the book to give its touts a winning record. On February 8th, Fezzik released a pick on Oregon St. -3. The time was 12:04 am (just after midnight) Pacific time, hours after the Westgate (old Las Vegas Hilton) closed up for the night. Oregon St. had been heavily bet on overnight lines, all the way up to -4.5 in some spots. The Westgate, upon opening back up in the morning, changed the line to -4. Fezzik, by using the stale line (-3) from the Westgate, had just grabbed a ton of non-existent value unavailable to any of his customers.

Some Pregame posters noticed the problem the following day. “Steve Fezzik is grading against lines that are unavailable,” said Don Whitman. “His Oregon St picks states he got a line of -3 at the Hilton at 3 am est. unfortunately that casino does not have a sports book open that late. He is cheating his customers.”

Tom Patterson, a Pregame employee, stated he would look into it and reply soon. Nine days later, we are still waiting.