Holding Against The Trend For 888

City_Trading_Business_NumbersWe have seen quite a bit of lethargy in the online casino sector recently but one company that hass been doing reasonably steady business over the last few days in 888.

888 Holdings PLC shares gained some ground on Tuesday October 27th 2009. At the start of the day the value of shares was 93.75 and 95.00 is where the shares stood by the closing bell. This price is 1.3% higher than the 93.75 on Monday October 26th and leaves the price 0.7% up on the Friday October 23rd price of 94.25.

Over the course of the day the shares hit a high of 95.5077 and at another time 92.699 was the weakest price for shares this leaves us with during the day’s trading, from high to low a total of 1.33 percent of difference.

The volume of shares trades at the end of the day finished up at 1.17 M and it is relevant to mention that the number of shared traded at the end of the day on Monday was 1.19 M and the number of shared traded on Friday was 450,180. This shows that the level of the trading does not necessarily correlate directly to the share price over the trading period of the last few days.

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