Holding A Steady Line With Cryptologic

City_NumbersFriday August 28th 2009 saw a lift in the share price of Cryptologic. The day saw an unusually low volume of trading with the volume of shares trades at day’s end finishing at 24,455 but with an overall rise in share price nonetheless.

Also, it is worth noting that the real world volume for the day’s trading period on Thursday settled at 31,854 and the real world volume on Wednesday settled at 151,273

At the start of the day the share valuation stood at 7.36 and by the end of the day 7.31 was the share valuation .

This price is 1.0% higher than the Thursday August 27th price of 7.23 and is all of 0.54% lower than the 7.35 on Wednesday August 26th

During the day the lowest value of the shares was 7.20 and at another time the highest price for the shares was 7.36 thus generating a -0.6 percent range between high and low during the day.

All in all, this has been a fairly steady week for the company and the fact of no high profile announcements and slow activity hon the shares has not served to damage the share price.