Happy System Admin Day 2011

Happy System Admin Day

Yet another year rolls round and its system admin day again.

System admins are the invisible entity or more correctly the unsung hero’s that keep all the tech we have running and they are often very much unappreciated.

When i worked in a job that had a tech support department i would regularly fight through the smell and go into the dark closet where they were kept. The system admins were always working hard trying to get higher scores on eve online or watching you tube but it always confuse them when i thanked them for keeping everything running so smooth and reported that everything was working so well.

The system admins job is not an easy one because they see themselves as high tech and highly skilled individuals tapping away at their Linux system in command line thinking they are uber leet. Unfortunately the rest of the company sees them as the smelly unsocialised nerds in a room that keep breaking things.

The only contact most people have with the system admins of a company are normally when they are complaining about something broken or slow.

Do something different today.

Find out where the system admins of the company reside and hold your breath long enough to go in and thank them for the stellar work they do at keeping everything running smoothly. Don’t disturb them if they are playing video games or reading slashdot because they tend to be a bit aggressive so if this is the case just make a salute to them and leave the room.

They will know why you are there and an unspoken recognition is enough.

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