Good Solid Day For Cryptologic

Better_PerformanceShares in Cryptologic were up on Thursday September 10th 2009. It was a good lift in price based on the fact that the volume of business done was very small.

The number of trades for the whole day settled at 14,419 and just to give this some proper context it is also worth noting that the number of trades upon conclusion of trading on Wednesday was 58,435 and the number of trades on Tuesday was 319,501

At the start of the day the value of shares was standing at 6.84 and the price stood at 6.95 by the end of the day

This leaves the price 0.5% higher than the Wednesday September 9th price of 6.91 and is 2.0% up on the Tuesday September 8th price of 6.81

Most of the company’s retail partners have been having a relatively steady time over the last few days on the market and the Cryptologic share price always seems to move in concert with the numbers achieved by it’s marquee partners.

The company has a very wide customer base but it it always the few large account names that seem to impact heavily on the share price.